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Overland Experts - A Mongolian Adventure!

The Overland Experts recently took 3 of our Pioneer swags to test out with them on their Overland adventure across Mongolia. The Overland Experts arranged the trip to Mongolia to take a select group of clients on an overland adventure and to also assist with their sister project The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project

OEX Mongolia

Bruce Elfstrom the founder of both Overland Experts and The Mongolian Bankhar Dog Project said that their clients loved our swags and by the end of the trip they were fighting over who got to sleep in our swags.

Bruce also said "The swags were the most sought after type of accommodation, easiest to set up and breakdown, most stable in winds (and we had some major winds above 40 knots), most comfortable mattress for the tents.  I think the independence, simplicity, toughness, comfort, ease of set up and versatility of screen/fly/open-air was the selling point.  The quality of construction and robustness was great once set up."


After returning to the USA the Overland Experts placed another order with us for 3 more Pioneer Swags to be used on their American adventures. Check these guys out, they have some great training and expeditions that you can get involved with! - http://www.overlandexperts.com/

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