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Why I Always Choose a Swag When I Go Camping - 11 Awesome Benefits of a Swag!

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G'day folks,

A camping trip is meant to be a relaxing and stress free experience but sometimes it all gets too complicated and too hard. There's a lot of stuff to remember to bring, pack in the car and then set up, but there's one item which will make your camping trip a lot simpler and that's a swag! Here's just a few of the reasons why I always choose a swag when I go camping.

1. Set up and Pack up in Seconds

Firstly, its very easy to set up. You can be set up in seconds and then sit back and laugh while you watch your mates struggle to set up their flimsy and cumbersome tents. This is also helpful if you've been sitting around the campfire, had a few too many beers and you still haven't set up your swag before bedtime, even the most inebriated person can set up a swag in almost pitch black darkness. When its time to leave, you can simply roll up the swag and hit the road early. Roof Top tents are becoming very popular for overlanders but a swag gives you the same comfort level for a fraction of the price and it's a whole lot easier to set up!

2. Just Bring the Essentials

If you are just doing an over-nighter you can just bring the bare essentials, roll them up in your swag and you're ready to go. Great if you want to do a last minute getaway.

3. No Need to Bring Extra Bedding

Swag with sleeping bag

The swag includes a foam mattress which gives you comfortable and warm protection from the cold hard ground. Also I leave my sleeping bag or bedding in the swag and roll it all up together, that way I can never forget it!

4. Warmer Than a Tent

On a cold night a swag will be warmer than a normal tent as the heavy canvas and relatively smaller volume helps keep your body warmth trapped inside the swag. The foam mattress performs much better than an air mattress for retaining body warmth, as the movement of air in an air mattress takes body heat away from you rather than trapping it like the foam. Another feature that helps with trapping the heat is the PVC vinyl floor, this heavy duty layer helps keep the cold ground separate to the inside warmth of the swag acting like a tarp or groundsheet.

5. Cooler Than a Tent

On a hot summer night you can throw back the top canvas layer, and open the ventilation window(s) to keep you cool and comfortable. You will still be protected from the creepy crawlies by the fly screen mesh.

6. Very Heavy Duty

Swags on roof

A swag is designed and manufactured to be very heavy duty and to be able to withstand many years of use and abuse. A good swag will be made from top quality materials that can handle being exposed to the elements. A swag is not fragile so you can throw it in the bed of a truck or tie it down to the roof of your car, drive through a downpour, blizzard or desert and it will still be there in one piece when you arrive.

7. Perfect to Use in the Back of a Truck

If you have a truck then a swag is perfect for you. Just set it up in the back of your truck to get you off the ground while you sleep. Also great if you go to a friends place and you need a place to crash, just roll out your swag.

8. Sleep Under the Stars

A swag provides the best way to sleep under the stars and still stay warm and free from bugs. In a swag you can lie in the warmth of your sleeping bag, with the canvas peeled back and stare at the stars as you drift off to sleep behind the protection of the fly mesh layer.

9. Natural Color

Personally a bright colored tent doesn't appeal to me, camping is about getting back in touch with nature and a bright blue tent doesn't seem to be the way to go! Also if you using a swag as a temporary shelter to bug out, you don't want to stand out from miles away, you want to blend in with the surroundings as much as possible.

10. No Need to Mess Around with Pegs

bent tent pegs

Although our swags come with pegs it is up to you whether you want to use them, because a swag does not necessarily need pegs. Pegs can be a pain either hitting them in, or pulling them out or even remembering to pack them in the first place! With a swag you will not usually need to peg down the base of your swag, the weight and shape of the swag is usually enough to prevent it from being blown away, but if you are expecting strong winds or you are leaving it set up for a while then its not a bad idea to peg down the base. The other reason you may want to use pegs for your swag is to hold up the head or foot ends of the swag, but this can be avoided by tying off the swag's head or foot string to your car, a tree or any other immovable object.

11. Its Darker in the Morning Sun

The heavy duty canvas of a swag lets a lot less sunlight than a regular tent, so when the sun comes up in the morning you can still enjoy a nice sleep in.


    These are just some of the reasons why I always choose a swag when I go camping and I'm sure you if you go camping in a swag you will find some great reasons for yourself. Check out our Pioneer Swag which has all of these benefits are more!

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