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What's a Swag?

A Little History..Swagman
The Swag originated in Australia before motor transport was common. It would be carried by men who traveled between farms and towns looking for work. It was effectively a canvas bedroll which the owner would carry with their few belongings wrapped up inside. These nomadic workers were often referred to as "Swagmen" and have been romanticized into the Australian culture.

The Modern Swag 

Swag tentThe modern swag has come a long way, and now they are more representative of a tent but still maintain the traditional features. The modern swag is extremely popular in Australia for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as offroading, camping, hiking and fishing. They provide an easy and comfortable way to sleep in the outdoors, without the inconvenience and frustrations of a tent. The modern swag will generally have flexible poles; to give some shape to the swag, to help water run off it and hold the swag off of the occupant. Rolled swagThe canvas used in a modern swag is very durable and waterproof. Most modern swags will include some form of mattress which will be removable and have openings with fly mesh material to help with ventilation and keep the insects out. On those cold nights you will have a much better sleep in a swag because it traps your body warmth like a cocoon. On the hot summer nights you can peel back the canvas layer, while keeping the mesh layer closed to get a nice cool breeze while you stare up at the night sky.